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hermy_icontest's Journal

HERMIONE'S SECRET: A LiveJournal Icon Challenge
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Welcome to hermy_icontest, the first Hermiony Granger/Emma Watson icon contest on LJ!

Moderators: __lumos/lumosium & bessyboo/artistbynight

Each 1-2 weeks we will run 1 (one) contest. The challenges will be completely different every week and could include: picture(s)/screencap(s), lyrics, quotes, a colour scheme, a specific theme...and so on. Anything goes, really. Once the challange is posted, your job as the icon maker is to play with specified cap--if any--in any way you want (filter, crop, colorize, use effects/brushes, and use any text), or create an icon using the given lyrics, quotes and wahtnot.

  • You must be a member to enter the contests.

  • You may enter ONE (1) icon for each contest, unless otherwise stated.

  • Icons must meet the LiveJournal requirements (under 40KB, 100x100 pixels, and saved as .jpg/.gif/.png).

  • The icon must be created by you for the challenge. This means no posting already made icons, and no stealing from someone else.

  • Do not use bases made by other icon makers. In other words, don't take a base, slap text on it, and enter it in the challenge.

  • All entries are to be posted as comments to the challenge entry. Please, submit all your entries in the same comment. It's easier for us to keep track of!

  • Please DO NOT include your LJ username in your icon name. We want this to be anonymous!

  • Please include the URL of your icon under your entry. (See example below.)

  • Don't post your icon for public use until the contest is over.

  • Use only the cap/lyrics/etc. provided for you.

  • Don't vote for your own icon, please.

To post your icon properely, follow the example below:


Sunday: Current challenge ends; banners from previous week's challenge are posted
Monday: Polls and new challenge are posted
Friday: Winners and current challenge reminder are posted

Please note that this is only a general timeframe. Much as it may seem otherwise, both of the mods *actually* have lives outside of the internet. (Gasp! Shock!)

Our buttons.


Here is our banner; you can take it and post anywhere you like. One 'must do' rule is to give a link back to this community.

If you want to affilate with hermy_icontest, please, leave a comment providing a link to your community. Also, you should post a link back to us, otherwise you will not be accepted.